Monday, 16 February 2009

Unspoken rule for successful in art and design

There are always some unspoken rules for success in some area. 101 UNSPOKEN RULES FOR SUCCESS claims out 101 unspoken rules in PR arena.

I think there is also a unspoken rule for successful in art and design marketing: networking. Connecting hubs as more as you can. Please not only just work hard on your works, but also work hard on connecting.

Connect the appropriate influential hub--One of Chinese art collectors told me, some of artists always gift him some paintings. The reason why the artists give their works to him is because after gifting him art work, the artist might advertise he/she "xxx collected my art work". The art collector told me that would be a pretty influential advertising in industry, once a famous collectors collect the artist art work, the price of his/her work would be rise immediately.
In fashion industry, alike, once a celebrity wears one fashion designer's clothes, the designer would become famous.

Therefore, my dear talent artists and designers, you should proud of your talent, you should work hard on your work, but please don't ignore to develop your connection with the hubs in your industry.
Marketing your genius via your appropriate hubs would be the efficient way to exposure your talent to the world.

My dear artist and designers, please don't be shame to go to some industrial authorities and say hello to them. Some artists always complained that how they can know some influential person. Actually it won't be that difficult.
In short, 1,exposure your talent before media-(take part of some competitions, join some online/off line social network)
2.find out the hubs in the networks, talk to hub person what you want and what you have-don't be shy!

But meanwhile you have to make sure your ability is good enough! It is the precondition of what I talked above
Good luck ¬I will going to analysis some list of networks for art and design sooner.

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