Sunday, 30 November 2008

3 WHYs for creative businesses

*why creative industry practitioners need business skills?
-The Creative Industries Task Force(CITF) recognize the important role played by further and higher education in training our future artists, crafts people and technicians, more graduates with creative degrees not only securing relevant emplotment, but also equipped with the business skills they will need to successd.(15)
-In a research (Source from : Qualitative data given by fraduates from Gray's School of Art, with reference to the Destinations & Reflections survey shows that) , 26% graduates thought business knowledge and skills and 15% thought business interactions are needed.

*Why creative industry practitioners need the Internet to facilitate?
-the economice relevance of art and desgin. In this new world of information, knowledge, globalization and technology gaining and holding human attention will be the currency of the 21st century.(p42) Wikinomic appearing proof that technologies changed the business model to be globalizing, sharing and peering.
-art and design are both about personal development, growth and exposure to new ideas.
The Internet is a easier sharing place for sharing new ideas in order to develop to be better.(42) Such as the well know online networks can help that, even some new sites provide more technical options to share various different sources (such as Flickr, Youtube, Zapr...etc). the Internet facilitate sharing cross the technical barrier.
-around 14% graduates thought IT skills what they need to be improved after gain the skill of art and design(72) Source: Qualitative data given by fraduates from Gray's School of Art, with reference to the Destinations & Reflections survey shows that)

*Why the art and design businesses size are almost small?
-Artists will not necessarily see themselves as running businesses in the way that a craft designer maker will, although both may be self-employed.(77)
-there were 14% of 28.1million working people, are self employed, most people -over 60% worked for small and medium sized businesses.
-Small size business is good for creative business.
As small size is easier for manage. Well-known creative pioneer Michael Peter, is planing no longer to run a big company but a small business , in order to communicate with his creatives better.

Thursday, 27 November 2008 is a place for global fashion to unite. A professional networking site, it is dedicated to connecting creative people, businesses and ideas.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

an artist website tool
"Canadian startup Sayvee will "soon" launch a new service that allows artists to quickly and easily create their own websites to sell their art, build community, support positive political causes and more. That doesn't sound like a show stopper (unless you're an artist in need of a website) but the videos the company made to promote their service are awesome!"

加拿大一个公司“ 即将” 推出一个新的服务帮助artist简单迅速地建立自己的网站,帮助销售艺术家的作品,虽然这不是一个show stopper除非你是一个一定需要网站的艺术家,但是这个服务的推广短篇很有趣。

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

progressing on the research of e marketing for artist and designers

If you are an artist or designer, or who running a business selling creativity, it would be great if you can spare 2-3 minutes to answer my survey questions! It would be great help for my degree project, which is an research of internet marekting for art and design start up businesses!