Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Hats by Stephen Jones at V and A

Today, I read http://dianepernet.typepad.com/diane/.Diane mentioned about HATS An Anthology by Stephen Jones opens at the VandA. Diane Pernet is a influential fashion blogger.
I am not a big fan of fashion, but I am a big friend of hats~
There is a hats exhibition opens in Vand A museum...What a shame I m in China now. Otherwise it would be a must do thing in this month.

more detail about Hats and anthology http://www.vam.ac.uk/microsites/hats-anthology/

P.S Diane's blog is a good blog which the fashionable guys should follow~

Monday, 16 February 2009

Unspoken rule for successful in art and design

There are always some unspoken rules for success in some area. 101 UNSPOKEN RULES FOR SUCCESS claims out 101 unspoken rules in PR arena.

I think there is also a unspoken rule for successful in art and design marketing: networking. Connecting hubs as more as you can. Please not only just work hard on your works, but also work hard on connecting.

Connect the appropriate influential hub--One of Chinese art collectors told me, some of artists always gift him some paintings. The reason why the artists give their works to him is because after gifting him art work, the artist might advertise he/she "xxx collected my art work". The art collector told me that would be a pretty influential advertising in industry, once a famous collectors collect the artist art work, the price of his/her work would be rise immediately.
In fashion industry, alike, once a celebrity wears one fashion designer's clothes, the designer would become famous.

Therefore, my dear talent artists and designers, you should proud of your talent, you should work hard on your work, but please don't ignore to develop your connection with the hubs in your industry.
Marketing your genius via your appropriate hubs would be the efficient way to exposure your talent to the world.

My dear artist and designers, please don't be shame to go to some industrial authorities and say hello to them. Some artists always complained that how they can know some influential person. Actually it won't be that difficult.
In short, 1,exposure your talent before media-(take part of some competitions, join some online/off line social network)
2.find out the hubs in the networks, talk to hub person what you want and what you have-don't be shy!

But meanwhile you have to make sure your ability is good enough! It is the precondition of what I talked above
Good luck ¬I will going to analysis some list of networks for art and design sooner.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

About Michael Peters

Michael, an LCC alumnus, is one of the most celebrated and influential designers in the world. He has pioneered a deep personal commitment to spreading understanding of design as an essential element of business success. Still actively working in the fields of graphics and branding, Michael Peters is an inextricable component of the history of commercial design and fast becoming a legend. Last term he delivered a hugely successful Creative Lives – Creative Partners session where we ran out of time to deal with all the questions. Michael has very kindly offered to come back to do this follow-up session, so don’t miss this extra chance to meet him, and also to get special price signed copies of his book Yes Logo - 40 years of Branding and Design.

Friday, 6 February 2009

job interview ended up with awesome great fine chinese painting

Today, it supposed to be a job interview day...(Yap, I m looking for a job to make some money that I can make my India trip¬)

The opening is looking for a secretary, not what I expect and I don't have any experience of being a assistant, moreover,the working venue is in a *red light area* city, but the payment is quite good and the company doing something seems quite stable and prospectively well, therefore, I still decided to go for it.

The smart boss just glanced on my CV and talked to me for a few sentences, then I think he noticed that I am not a good secretary, hah... but he seems quite interested in my experience of art...then we begun to talk about art almost for the whole afternoon¬ hah¬¬
I impressed of collection and the standard of his collection! He got more than 200 paintings from the top Chinese painting authorities¬ coolio!!!
and he showed me around 10 favorites of collection, eg: Yong Lin, Wanghuang Sheng, Ziwu Wang etc.

Super cool, he's collection are super amazing, what he collect is not only just paintings from great artist, but also great works of the artist(u know, some time, the great artist not always can make great works, however, he just collects great works)

Such an awesome day. saw quite a lot of awesome works which cannot easily to see in public!